Fireplace Hearth Designs

An Overview Of Fireplace Hearth Designs And Ideas

Whenever it comes time to design your fireplace, you need to take almost every part of it into consideration. Most people tend to concentrate more on the visible part of the outside of the fireplace, such as the mantle or the tiles that go in front of it. If you are ignoring fireplace hearth designs, however, you really are ignoring something that can make your fireplace unique in many different ways. That being said, however, it is one of the more limiting parts of fireplace design, for a number of different reasons.

First of all, the fireplace hearth is going to be the part of the fireplace that is most regulated by local building codes. In order to ensure the safety of anybody that lives in a home with a fireplace, codes have been put into place in almost any area in the country.

Abiding by these local building codes is going to limit you to a certain extent as far as your fireplace hearth designs are concerned. There are many different hearths, however, which will fit in with almost any building code and do give you a certain amount of play in the designing of the overall fireplace.

You might not be able to do any kind of custom fireplace hearth designs, simply because you're limited by the building codes. What you can do, however, in order to dress up the area is to get an insert for the fireplace. These go directly into the hearth, usually against the back wall of the firebox itself. They are usually made out of cast-iron and some of them are fairly ornate, giving you a lot of design possibilities for this part of the fireplace.

Fireplace Hearth Ideas

It is possible for you to burn a fire with a fireplace insert in place, but it might discolor it to a certain extent and take away from the overall look that you were going after in the first place.

It is important for you to consider the mantle and any surrounding structures of the fireplace in order to get the design that you are looking for. Make sure, however, that you don't ignore the fireplace hearth designs that are available because they will make a big difference in how well the fireplace will fit into the theme of your home.