Art Deco Fireplace Designs

Art Deco Fireplace Designs for your Unique Personality

The Art Deco is a unique style that you can use in building or remodeling your fireplace. Art Deco was originally an international design movement that began in 1925 and ended in 1939 and which greatly influenced interior design, architecture and even the visual arts. It resulted in a mix of different styles of the early 20th century that speak of elegance, modernity and functionality.

The Art Deco style that was originally used only in the exterior later went indoor via the lighting fixtures, bars and of course, the fireplaces. Art Deco fireplaces became popular in the 1930s. They create a different look of antiquity that is bold and artistic. They are made distinct because of the use of clean lines and simple, repetitive patterns in their surfaces with corners that were beveled or rounded off. They have extraordinary geometric shapes, lines and surfaces making it hard to use the traditional materials such as natural stone and wood. The diamond shape is just one of the many features of an Art Deco design. There are also the rectilinear shapes repeated in threes which you can use in the mantel or inner frame of your fireplace. You can even experiment with vibrant colors and designs in the hearth, mantel or surround of your fireplace to enliven your room and create a positive and bright ambience.

Most Art Deco fireplaces are often made from ceramic tiles in bright, eye-catching colors. Although white dominates the tile, accent tiles in different colors complement it. Ceramic is as durable and fire-resistant as the other materials. They are also easy to dismantle, move and clean. Marble tiles are also perfect for an Art Deco fireplace as they provide an elegant appeal. With their clean and sharp lines, a marble fireplace can make any room comfortable and peaceful. Marble tiles come in different colors so you have the freedom to choose one that will complement the interior design of your room. Some have a high gloss finish known as fine grain marble which is a result of crushing marbles and bonding them together. Marbles go well with glass and wood.

Apart from marbles, you can also use metals such as cast iron for your Art Deco fireplace. Be free to use other materials that suit your style. Remember, it’s your home that matters and you know you’re in control of everything so don’t limit yourself. If you have the artistic skills, you can very well design your own Art Deco fireplace. Otherwise, you can always gather photos of your most-liked fireplace designs from the internet or magazines and bring them to a professional interior designer or home improvement expert or perhaps, a company that specializes in customizing fireplaces.

But whatever type of Art Deco design you pick, make sure that your fireplace is always safe. Never forget to put a screen or cover at the opening when not in use. You can get one that is also of the Art Deco style. This should be a priority especially if you have small children.