Backyard Fireplace Designs

Backyard Fireplace Designs

The backyard serves as a cool place to spend the early to late evening with family and friends whatever the occasion. And what could be more wonderful than to spend special moments outdoor in front of a fireplace that provides a cozy atmosphere for everyone present. Backyard fireplaces have been a popular fixture in many homes for a long time now and more homeowners desire to have one in their own abode. Building a backyard fireplace is a good investment. Be sure, though, that you plan for it well. Some of the important things you have to consider are your budget, the type of material to use and your design which should complement the overall theme of your backyard or patio. When it comes to design, you can stick with a single style such as country, traditional or contemporary or you can also mix and match some elements.

Stone fireplace

A stone fireplace is probably the most durable you can ever have. For one thing, stones are sturdy, weather-resistant and can last for generations. You also have different choices such as the natural stones, marble which come in various colors, granite which requires very little maintenance, slate, limestone which can go with any kind of theme and travertine. Each provides a unique beauty from the others. A cheaper alternative to these heavy stones are the thin veneer stones. These are made from real stones but thinner and therefore easy to handle and work with.

Fire pits

Fire pits are portable bowls with metal stand where you can make your fire. These come in various styles such as the open and enclosed and are made from different materials. They are great for the backyard, woods, beach and even deserts as they can give you the campfire feel that you like. And besides the heat that they produce, fire pits can be used for cooking and grilling, too.

A common type of fire pit is the one made from copper. Copper has a high melting point hence, can easily make a fire. This comes in round, square and rectangular shape and with spark screens. The screen allows fresh air while maintaining the flames and preventing sparks from escaping.

Cast iron is another popular material and cheaper compared to copper. Both, however, are very durable and are, thus, an ideal investment especially if your family is fond of outdoor living. Steel is the latest addition to the fire pit materials. The most popular brand today is the Sojoe that features a deeper dish and with designs on its side.


The chimenea, on the other hand, features a circular tub with a cylindrical stovepipe. Originally made from ceramic, this type of outdoor fireplace was built to provide heat and cook food using wood as fuel. Apart from the traditional ceramic, the chimenea is now available in cast iron and other metals. While it serves its main functions, this outdoor stove can also be a great accent to a backyard garden or patio. Keep in mind that in designing a backyard fireplace, it’s best that you provide a picture or several pictures of what style you really like. In this way, the company or professional designer you’re consulting with will have a clear idea of your dream fireplace and customize it to your specifications.