Biofuel Fireplaces

Biofuel Fireplaces - Better for the Environment

Fireplaces have indeed come a long way. Homeowners today have a lot of choices. Although they can still choose to have a fireplace built permanently in their homes, those with smaller spaces can opt for the portable or wall mounted and eco-friendly fireplaces. These new styles of fireplaces are equally beautiful than the traditional ones and are capable of providing sufficient heat to families as well.

One type of fireplace ideal for smaller homes such as apartments and condos and smaller areas such as bedrooms is the biofuel fireplace. This is best for people with allergies. First made popular in Europe, biofuel fireplaces are now growing in use among homeowners in the U.S. and other countries.

The difference of biofuel fireplace from the traditional type is the absence of a chimney. Unlike the wood and gas burning fireplaces, this type burns biofuel instead. This means that it is an environment friendly alternative to the more expensive fossil fuels.

Biofuel is now a well known renewable form of fuel that does not pose hazards to the environment. The reason is that biofuel can be produced by using agricultural crops such as fruits, grains, potatoes, sugar beets and corn. And because the ingredients in producing biofuel are readily available locally, there will always be a steady supply going forward. You may be aware by now that biofuel is also popularly used to run vehicles. Apart from being environment friendly, biofuel has many other advantages.

Biofuel Fireplace Picture

  • Compared to wood, it is more energy efficient by 40 percent. Imagine: a liter of biofuel can burn for two to five hours.
  • Biofuel does not emit smoke or unpleasant odor when burning. It only produces steam and a little amount of carbon dioxide. It does not contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • It is not messy to use because no ashes are left after burning.
  • Provides the same warmth as the traditional fireplace.
  • No installation needed.
  • No maintenance is required because of the absence of ashes and dirt.
  • Less expensive compared to traditional fireplaces.
  • Can supplement any type of heating system such as the forced air, radiant baseboard and radiant floor.
  • When using this trendy and sleek fireplace, all you need is just to open your window a little for ventilation purposes. Other than that, you can enjoy the warmth and beauty of your biofuel fireplace any time you want. Any style of biofuel fireplace can be a great decorative appliance in a home while still providing warmth to the occupants.

    Biofuel fireplaces normally come in a box type design with cover and can be moved from one place to another. There are also the wall mounted models ideal for areas with no extra floor space. Being movable, they are therefore more convenient to use.

    Homeowners can also choose among the different materials for the firebox such as stainless steel or a combination of wood and steel. If none of the models available in the market suit their taste, you can always have one customized