Build a Brick Fireplace

Build a Brick Fireplace

Many of us know about the traditional fireplaces as made of bricks. A brick fireplace has always been the most popular design because of its classic appeal and with its durability and strength, this type can really last for a lifetime. While fireplaces have modernized through the years incorporating contemporary and stylish designs, the brick fireplace remains a top choice for many homeowners.

Whether inside the house or outdoors, a brick fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home. It’s a nice area to enjoy barbecue with family and friends on ordinary and special occasions. This type is also known as a masonry fireplace because of the masonry work involved in building. Brick is considered the most common masonry material in building fireplaces. It is available in different colors, sizes and textures including the decorative ones. There are the standard bricks, the mini bricks which are half the size of the regular one and brick patterns with rough texture. It can be non-concrete or the clay-based brick. And not only does it act as an insulator but brick is also durable and can support a lot of weight. Another advantage seen in bricks is that it does not absorb grease and smoky soot. Maintenance is not a problem as one needs only a mixture of warm water and washing powder for cleaning the brick fireplace.

But while it has its advantages, brick has its downside as well. Although weather resistant, it can be prone to damage over a long period of time especially when it’s placed outdoor and exposed to extreme weather including frost. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that the material you choose is suited to any type of climate.

Building a brick fireplace is easy if you have a guide and are patient enough in doing the work. Your first consideration would be the size of the area where the fireplace will stand. Measure the space and make a template on a wooden board with the use of a painter’s tape. Next is to get your materials for the fireplace. Bricks have to be placed together tightly and in a neat manner.

Mortar is normally used to glue bricks together. Mix mortar with just enough water in a pan and ensure that it has the consistency of a pancake batter, not too dry and not too runny. Apply mortar on the back of each brick as you place one over the other. The bricks should be placed according to the pattern you made on the template. Once the mortar has dried, check for gaps or cracks where more mortar might be needed.

Making the frame is next to ensure that the bricks are well supported and can stand on their own. For the frame, use three 2x4 wood and a nail gun.

If you’d like a mantel, then you should continue with the brick laying work outside of the fireplace. You should have measured the ideal height you prefer before doing this part.

Finally, you can construct a hearth made of wood for your brick fireplace. This should be made of a couple of 2x4 wood and placed inside the firebox.