Build a Corner Fireplace Mantel

Build a Corner Fireplace Mantel

Have you ever imagined a fireplace in a home without a mantel? It would surely look plain and unattractive, wouldn’t it? And for sure, you wouldn’t want to have one dull fireplace in your own home.

The mantel is that part of the fireplace which extends from the firebox and protrudes from the wall. It’s what makes the fireplace look like a real fireplace providing a comfortable and inviting ambience for all members of the family and their guests as well who visit on special occasions. For people who live in homes with an existing fireplace, they can always have the original mantel remodeled or custom made to suit their taste and personality. In this case, you are free to decide on what you really want in terms of size, design and material. In the past, mantels with intricate carvings and designs adorned many homes. These days, they have become simplistic despite the availability of numerous materials.

One variety of mantel designs is the corner fireplace mantel. This is available in a wide variety of models. A corner fireplace is perfect for homes with small rooms because it does not take up too much space. While this is ideal for bedrooms, it can also look great in any room. This type of fireplace is made up of a firebox and mantel placed at a diagonal in a corner. It is easier to install as one need not move furniture and other decors.

For added beauty to your corner fireplace, an attractive mantel can be included. A corner fireplace mantel is commonly used in modern interior designs without the need to have a real fireplace in the home. This mantel design is an option for homeowners who want to create a fireplace atmosphere just to enhance the beauty of their living room or any room in the house for that matter. They have an option to use a gel fueled fireplace which produces the same fire created by wood but with no smoke and ashes to clean up. A standalone unit is best as it does not need a chimney.

Building a corner fireplace mantel is easy but one has to plan well and consider certain factors first. Space is a major consideration because mantels need a specific area in the house. Choosing the right material that complements your room’s interior design is also very essential. For those with a tight budget, prefabricated mantels suited for single-face and corner fireplaces are ideal. Wood has always been a favorite material for a corner mantel fireplace. Wood’s flexibility allows it to be molded into different shapes and sizes. It can even have intricate designs such as carvings.

Brick is another popular choice. Bricks are available in various sizes, shapes and textures. The orange brick is the most common type we all know.

Building a mantel can be a do-it-yourself project for you and the whole family. There are mantel kits being sold at hardware stores at affordable prices. The kit usually includes a shelf and legs with existing designs. What’s important is you get one that is in harmony with your home’s interior design and decorations.

In creating corner fireplace mantels, one also has the option to extend the top shelf which could act as a display area for your art works and other personal accessories.