How to Build a Rock Fireplace

How to Build a Rock Fireplace

A fireplace in any home always serves as a beautiful and comfortable space where family members can enjoy good conversation, food and quality time together. But apart from its aesthetic function, a fireplace also serves as an effective heating system especially for homes located in colder regions. A rock fireplace, in particular, can be an attractive focal point whether situated inside in any room or outside a home.

A type of fireplace that is a standout is one made of rocks. Rocks create a solid and sturdy look and can last for many long years. Rock fireplaces built a long time ago can still accommodate fires very well and need only little maintenance. They are also flexible in that they can be made to look elegant and upscale or they can be used to create a rustic atmosphere.

The only downside to having this type of fireplace is the high cost in construction. This can be attributed to the solid and heavy material involved and to the skills required in building such a structure. Another reason for the high cost is the difficulty that comes in searching for the right rock materials that can be cut properly for building a fireplace.

For homeowners who desire to have a rock fireplace, the very important factors that they need to consider first pertain to the size of the room and the available budget they have. Rock fireplaces that use wood or gas logs as fuel can be built in different ways. One can choose the pre-manufactured fireplace that’s available in one piece and can be bought from any home improvement stores. The installation can be a do-it-yourself one or you can hire a professional to install it for you at an affordable price.

There are different rock materials to choose from. These include river rock, concrete blocks and granite. River rock can be used in making a real rock fireplace as a veneer or in building a faux rock fireplace. Be careful, though, not to pick rocks that have been exposed to harsh weather for a long time.

Genuine rock fireplaces can be custom built according to your specifications. Traditionally, they have working chimneys from where smoke passes through. Creating this type is usually done piece by piece depending on the size and interior design of the room and the entire home. Concrete mixture is used to set the rocks in place.

Professional masons are skilled in building this very attractive and handcrafted rock fireplace to create that rustic appeal. At least by hiring a contractor, a homeowner can have peace of mind confident that the construction follows the right process and construction code in the area. A cheaper option is to go for the faux rock fireplaces which appear the same as a genuine rock. The good thing about this is that no heavy material is involved and the cost is really cheaper. Did you know that artificial rock materials were already in use in many suburban homes in the U.S. back in the 1960s? In fact, this faux rock material is making a comeback today and many homeowners are becoming more aware of its benefits as well as the beauty that it brings to any home.