Building a Stone Fireplace

Building a Stone Fireplace

Building a fireplace today does not require too much work and budget. Unlike in the past, homeowners have more choices now when it comes to creating their dream fireplace. With a variety of affordable materials and do-it-yourself kits available on the market, it’s easy to build that old fashioned stone fireplace you’ve always wanted to have in your home.

Stone is a good choice for a fireplace material. Not only is it durable and lasting but it also requires less maintenance and creates a classic appeal to any interior room or outdoor space where it is placed. The biggest edge of a stone fireplace is its safety. Because stone is solid, you can be sure that your home will not be a potential fire hazard.

Stone materials vary from the marble and limestone to the granite, cast stone, slate and thin stone veneer with each one having its own unique quality. Among the stone materials, marble is the most expensive and difficult to maintain. But if you’re after an elegant look for your living room, it is the perfect choice.

A cheaper alternative is the man-made marble. Limestone is ideal if you go for a neutral color that can complement any interior design. Granite is a great option because it needs very little maintenance. Veneer stones are real stones but are thinner and therefore easy to work with. They can give your fireplace the look of real stone but you can save much as they’re cheaper to buy. Stone can also be combined with wood depending on your preference.

In building a stone fireplace notably inside your home, make sure that you have a strong ground floor which can support the weight of the structure. If you’re creating a new fireplace and you have a wooden floor plus a basement and you’re not sure about the state of your ground floor, then have your contractor check it. A stone fireplace is heavy hence you need to reinforce the floor to support the structure’s weight.

Choose an appropriate design for your stone fireplace before having one built in your home. The styles and designs today are absolutely limitless, you just need to choose the right one for your home. Whether it’s a vintage or gothic look or modern theme that you like, be sure to specify it to your contractor or to the fireplace manufacturer if you prefer to have yours custom made. It’s best to bring some photos for a clearer picture.

A stone fireplace can appear as simply a box in your living room with a hanging mantel or with a mantel that has legs and fastened on the wall. For large areas with high ceilings, a stone mantel can stretch up to the top and can display beautiful art works notably paintings or even an LCD wide screen.

Outdoors such as in your garden or patio, a stone fireplace is just as appealing. With its solid material, it can withstand any kind of weather and with little maintenance required. Now that you have an idea about building a stone fireplace, you may want to start deciding on which stone material you would like to use in your home.