Custom Fireplace Designs

Custom Fireplace Designs: What to Consider?

Whether you’re building your first home or upgrading your existing abode, fireplaces can be customized to perfectly suit your style and personality. In fact, custom fireplaces can add beauty and value to your property. However, designing an ideal one for your home can be a tough challenge what with the varied designs, materials and colors to choose from.

Even with a custom design in mind, there are some things you need to consider first before taking any action. Keep in mind that your fireplace should complement the entire room where it is situated. Make sure that everything is in perfect harmony.

Things to consider


Determine first the kinds of material available in making fireplaces. Stones are the most popular and come in various types and sizes. They have been used in the olden days and still attract a lot of homeowners today. With their classic look, they can give your home a distinct beauty. Stones used for fireplaces can either be the natural and man-made types. The natural stones are heavy but very sturdy they can last for many generations. They also require less or no maintenance at all. Some of them are the marble which comes in different colors, granite which needs zero maintenance and limestone which provides a neutral yet classic appeal. They can be used in the entire fireplace or only in certain parts. They can even be combined with wood for a more contemporary look. The man-made stones, on the other hand, are known as cultured or cast stones. They are lighter and therefore, easy to handle and set in place especially on the wall.


The style of your custom fireplace is dependent on the design of the room where it is located. You can choose to have just the mantel showing on the wall or you can have a floor-to-ceiling design. You can also add lighting fixtures on the mantel. Art pieces, picture frames and large scented candles can serve as great accents as well especially on top of the mantel. You can as well hang a beautiful painting on the stone wall to enliven the space.

Size and shape

The size of your fireplace should depend on the area of your room. A large fireplace can be a focal point of a large room while a small one can complement a medium-sized room. As for the shape, a traditional one makes for a formal appeal while an extraordinary shape can create a modern look.


If you have doubts about details in the construction, it’s best that you get the help of a contractor or seek a company that specializes in the customization of fireplace mantel.

Choosing the company or contractor to do your custom fireplace and mantel is crucial. Get referrals and verify them as much as possible by reading reviews and finding out about their warranty or return policy. Ask about their rates as well as delivery and installation service.


Custom fireplaces are not cheap to build so it’s important that you set a budget for it. However, a fireplace uniquely made for you can make a good investment because you know that it is like no other out there.