Design a Fireplace

Design a Fireplace That Suits Your Personality

A fireplace is always an attraction in any home whether built indoor or outdoor. It makes for a cozy place where family and friends can gather on a special occasion or even just on an ordinary evening. Many people looking to buy a new home consider a fireplace an important part of their criteria.

Homebuyers who can find a house with a built-in fireplace are lucky. If the fireplace is efficient enough, they can be content with it or they can just upgrade it. For homeowners who live in homes without a fireplace, there’s no need to fret because it is always possible to build one. They are, perhaps, luckier as they have the freedom to design the fireplace that suits their taste.

Numerous fireplace designs are available today. One just needs to do some research using the internet, magazines and construction books. If you found none that fits your style, you can always design your own fireplace and have it custom built to your specifications.

Once you have a design in mind, the first thing you will need to consider is the material to use. For an indoor fireplace, pure natural stone or natural stone combined with wood such as oak is a great option. Natural stones to include marble, granite, travertine, slate and limestone are durable and fire resistant therefore safe to use especially with kids around the house. They’re also perfect for an outdoor fireplace as they can withstand any kind of weather and requires little maintenance. Other alternative materials include cast iron and aluminum which are also renowned for their durability. After picking the material, select the style you want. This should depend on the size of your room and available space. In other words, the style you choose should be ideal for the room size you have.

The size of the fireplace is the next thing to consider. A large-sized fireplace is perfect for a large room with high ceilings. But if you have a medium-sized room, a smaller fireplace will be best. Determine as well if you’d like a permanent structure or one that you can move from one place to another especially when your mood for interior designing peaks. With modern technology, portable fireplaces have grown in popularity in recent years. The electric fireplaces are easily movable and are ideal for small homes, apartments and condos.

Another thing to take into account is the type of fuel that you will use to build fire. You can choose from different types of fuel such as natural gas, propane, wood, coal or pellet. Wood needs to be stacked and requires space in the house. Natural gas, meanwhile, is easier to store and use.

Finally, don’t forget the safety of your fireplace. Whether or not you have kids in the house, it’s important that your fireplace has a cover. This can either be made just the screen type or a glass or metal cover. It will take time and effort to design a fireplace that fits your needs. But in the end when you see the outcome, you will surely feel fulfilled and happy.