Fire Pit Designs

Fire Pit Designs Great for Outdoor Living

It’s always a memorable moment when you sit in front of a fire pit in the company of your loved ones. With your spouse, you create a romantic atmosphere. With the whole family, a fun time can be experienced. If warmth is what you’re after, it’s not really necessary to have a built in fireplace at home because you can opt for just a portable fire pit which you can place anywhere you want.

Fire pits today come in a variety of types and styles. While some are permanent structures, there are also the temporary and portable ones and even those that can be used for cooking. What’s important then is to first determine your needs before choosing the type of fire pit to buy. Fire pits are mostly designed for outdoor use. They are great for backyards or patios where families can entertain themselves as well as friends and relatives while enjoying sumptuous food. Designs differ in shapes, sizes and types of fuel sources.

There are actually three major kinds of fire pits – the permanent, temporary and portable. The permanent type is normally in-ground and can be custom built according to your style. Holes are dug into the ground and then bricks or rocks are used in making the walls above the ground. These can use both gas and wood for making fires. Space is definitely a requirement for this type.

Temporary fire pits can easily be made using bricks, cinderblocks and big stones. This type can be created when you’re out camping in the woods or at the beach. You can just dig a small hole in the ground, place stones or bricks around it and then build a fire. If the permanent structure is not within your budget, though, the portables are perfect for you as you have the flexibility to move it wherever you want. The portables are either enclosed or open, with or without wheels, sometimes with a grill grate and are ideal for use not only in the backyard but also at the beach, desert and woods. Some of these are the chimenea, copper, cast iron and sojoe.


A popular design is the chimenea. This type is enclosed and features a tall chimney. It comes in different materials such as metals and terra cotta although it originally was made out of ceramic. The chimenea has a distinct shape because of its rounded body and cylindrical stovepipe. Simple in design, it can provide heat through the burning of wood logs and can be used for cooking food.

Copper/Cast Iron

A copper fire pit that sits on metal support proves to be a very durable and attractive alternative. Its big advantage is the fact that it has a high melting point compared to that of the cast iron fire pit. It is also more expensive than the cast iron type. Various styles and sizes are also available. They come in round, square and rectangular shapes as well and are very portable.


This brand has become very popular in recent years. It has a deep basin made from a very thick steel shell which makes it very durable. What makes this fire pit an attraction is the designs on the sides featuring the wildlife, star and moon or willow crane. It also comes with a removable grill, a lid, poker and cover.