How to Build a Fireplace Ash Vacuum

How to Build a Fireplace Ash Vacuum

A fireplace is a great addition to any home. Apart from a room enhancer, it also provides the family a quiet and comfortable place to gather for conversation, good food and quality time. The only drawback to having a fireplace is the ashes that it leaves after wood burning. Whenever pellets or wood are used in fueling your fireplace, there’s always ashes left behind. Ashes are not good to look at and therefore have to be removed as quickly as possible. Pieces of wood and coal left inside should also be moved away.

Ashes that don’t get cleaned up right away can build up and can lead to excess soot and dust in your home. This can even cause your home to be a fire hazard. The traditional way of getting rid of these ashes is to use a shovel and pail. Fortunately with today’s advanced technology, one doesn’t have to be overburdened by the cleaning aspect using your hands.

The latest tool homeowners can use to remove ashes from their fireplace is the vacuum. With this safe and effective vacuum, cleaning will be easy and not messy. No more dirty hands and clothes this time.

For you and your family’s safety, ashes need to taken out from your fireplace frequently using a fireplace vacuum cleaner. When ashes build up in your fireplace and are not removed right away, there’s a chance that fire can ignite unexpectedly especially when oxygen is present. A fireplace ash vacuum functions by sucking both hot and cold ashes in a safe way through its nozzle. It usually comes with a fire resistant hose and flame retardant filters. With this tool, there’s no need to wait for the ashes to cool down and one doesn’t have to fear about getting burned by the hot ember. This is also ideal for people with allergies because using the vacuum will prevent them from inhaling dust and ash particles.

When using the ash vacuum, put the nozzle directly in the fireplace and move it in circular motion. By doing this, the ash from the bottom will be taken out and the nozzle will not be clogged.

To keep the vacuum from getting clogged and to enable it to continue functioning properly, make sure to clean also its filters on a regular basis. One only needs to remove the filter and shake it so that the ashes will all go out. You will know that ashes have collected when the suction of the fireplace ash vacuum fails to work.

Removing the filter is easy as you only need a screwdriver. There are newer models, though, which make cleaning the filter faster and easier. In some units, the secondary filter cleans itself automatically while the others work with less noise. Homeowners have wide choices in picking the fireplace ash vacuum fit for their needs.

For those with existing standard vacuum in their home, they can still use this to clean the fireplace. All you need is to buy a shop vac bag made especially for ultra fine particles like ashes and a cylindrical filter if one is not available. Install then the bag and filter according to the instructions provided and begin vacuuming your fireplace. Afterwards, be sure to bring the vacuum outside first before removing the bag. Investing in a fireplace ash vacuum cleaner is worth your money. It is really helpful in getting rid of your ashes faster without staining your hands and clothes.