Fireplace Ideas

Fireplace Ideas Fit For Your Home

A home with a fireplace is usually an attraction to many people. For many, a fireplace creates a warm, comfortable and romantic atmosphere which can be enjoyed by the family any time of the day especially during the winter season. But apart from the warmth it provides, fireplaces notably the fire pits can also be used for cooking and grilling.

Did you know that in the past, fireplaces were actually built in homes for the primary purposes of beautifying the interior and for recreation? That’s true. It is because a fireplace can be an attractive focal point of a living room where couples or family members can spend their time. But then of course, we all know that a fireplace is a great source of heat during the cold months. In fact, it provides the biggest vista of flames when wood is burned inside it.

Fireplaces can be built in different shapes and sizes. They can be of various types as well depending on the fuel source you use such as wood, gas or electric and then there are the traditional and stone types.

Stone fireplace

Stones provide a traditional look in a fireplace. You can choose to have purely large stones or you can mix it with smaller ones. It can be just a box type in your living room or you can have one that shows the chimney reaching up to the ceiling. For security purposes, you can have a door installed at its opening or you can opt for just the screens. An advantage of the stone fireplace is that it can complement any decorating theme.

Wood fireplace

It’s hard to imagine a fireplace made of wood because many of us know that it’s usually made of stones or bricks. But it’s true that today many homeowners have opted to combine wood with stones in making their fireplaces for aesthetic purposes. There are varied designs of wood fireplaces available these days from the rural to the modern types, those with two-sided, three-sided or even four-sided views, mantels to even the see-through ones.

Cast iron fireplace

Homes with limited space can make use of a cast iron fireplace. This can be made using cement slab and a fire proof stone at the back. And because they do not create smoke, they are very ideal for small sized interiors.

Gas fireplace

Most of us are aware that fireplaces only use wood. However, gas is also an option today especially since it is readily available. With a gas fireplace, you don’t have to do some splitting or hauling of wood anymore. Currently, gas fireplaces are in high demand mainly due to the fact that it’s a low-maintenance appliance.

Traditional fireplace

A touch of the traditional is always a welcome attraction in any home. To achieve this type of look in your fireplace, choose bricks, stones, ceramic, marble or a mix of these materials then get a metal or glass for its cover. A traditional fireplace is normally surrounded by an exterior mantle which you can decorate with photo frames, scented candles, decorative plates and so on. For fuel, you can use either wood, peat or coal.