Fireplace Remodel

Fireplace Remodel

In many homes, the fireplace serves as a living room’s focal point. Sometimes, though, homeowners notably the wives may get tired of its appearance or may want to redesign the room hence the need to remodel the fireplace as well. While it’s a common belief that home remodeling projects are costly, you will be surprised to know that updating your fireplace can actually be inexpensive.

A fireplace remodeling project requires a minimum amount of $150 to a few thousands of dollars for a custom made one or a major change. It’s not necessary, however, to update the entire fireplace because you can always change the appearance of some parts only such as the mantel or perhaps do only some repainting job.

Doing a little research is definitely the right step to take. Browse through the internet, home decorating books and magazines and look at houses with the same architectural style as yours. Determine then which fireplace design is suitable for your home but keep in mind that it has to complement your room’s interior design. Harmony is essential in any home design process.

The next step is to decide on the material to use. It would be ideal if you could shop around home improvement stores in your area but if not, you can check the materials on the internet. You may also want to consult with a fireplace contractor or a home designer to help you choose the perfect style and material for your fireplace. There’s a wide range of materials available today from wood to stone, tile, brick and drywall. Stones are durable and come in different types such as marble, limestone, granite and stone veneer or the thin flat stone.

Once you’ve decided on the style and material, it’s time to check on the building codes of your locality. Local building codes may differ so it’s best to be aware of the requirements. Usually, these include minimum safety standards such as the distance of the firebox to wood and other flammable materials.

Of course you will also have to make a decision as to whether you’re going to do the remodeling project yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. If you have the time and would like to be hands on, then go ahead and do it yourself. But if you’re not patient enough especially with the details including the measurements that need to be made, then it’s better to get a contractor.

For budget conscious homeowners, there are pre-fabricated fireplaces and mantels available in different sizes or even those built to the size you just need. These are cheaper compared to the custom-designed fireplace or a mantel built on-site. Another way to let you save time and labor cost is to get pre-made panels made of thin stone for your fireplace surround. If you’d like a vintage appeal, you can always shop for a used or antique mantel.

If you’re considering a do-it-yourself project, start from the top especially if you’re removing and replacing old bricks. Have a power drill set and a mason’s hammer ready as these will be of great help to you. Do the painting first using heat-resistant paint if you want to change the look of your outer casting. Attaching the new surround should be the last step. See Amy's DIY Fireplace Remodel Pictures - She transformed her old brick fireplace into a goregous stone fireplace.

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