Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Gel Fuel Fireplaces

Gel Fuel Fireplaces Ideal for Health Conscious Homeowners

Not every homeowner may be comfortable with gas, electric or wood burning fireplaces. Some may have allergies that will only further aggravate their condition should they continue to use their fireplace with gas or wood as fuel. Fortunately, there’s the gel fuel fireplace perfect for the needs of people conscious of their health.

Gel fuel fireplaces are great appliances that can improve the ambience of any home. If you’re one homeowner who does not want a bulky fireplace with a vent, flue or chimney, then this type if perfect for you and your family. Gel fireplaces today come in a wide range of size, material and style. They are available in stainless steel, solid wood and painted wood and depending on your taste, you can choose from the wall-mounted, corner and freestanding indoor gel fuel fireplaces.

The best thing about these gel fuel fireplaces is that they’re very easy to install and portable. No need for masonry work and chimneys. In less than an hour, one can already enjoy the benefits of this fireplace. The freestanding units can just stand on the floor in any part of your living room or bedroom or you can mount one on the wall with a few screws. With these types, you can enjoy the elegance of a real fireplace without much effort.

Unlike the traditional fireplace, gel fuel fireplaces make use of a clear bio gel with alcohol base which creates a clean and odor free flame. There are three fuel cans in place, each with a three-hour burning capacity. Depending on the amount of heat you want, you can just light one can or all three cans at the same time for a warmer fire. Gel fuel cans that were partially used can still be utilized later. This can also be an efficient appliance because all the heat it produces is circulated in the room owing to the absence of a flue.

For people with allergies but who would like to have a fireplace, this is the most ideal unit to install in the home as it does not pose any health hazard. No emissions, fungi and mildew are present when this type of fireplace is used which only means it is also environment friendly. It is not messy to use as well because no ashes are left behind.

And where safety is concerned, this is very reliable. With the absence of sparks that wood burning fireplaces have, gel fuel fireplaces are not fire hazards to your home. In addition, there’s no likelihood of electrocution because of the absence of electricity.

Gel fuel fireplaces are best for any home but more so for smaller homes including apartments and condos. They’re not recommended, though, as a primary heat source notably for large spaces. They can serve you better as a supplementary source of heat for your home.

As these fireplaces create real fire with the real popping and crackling sounds of flame, gel fuel fireplaces can let you experience the comfort and relaxing ambience that any fireplace can provide. And so if you want no hassle in installing a fireplace in your home, a gel fuel fireplace is the best option.