How Do You Start a Gas Fireplace

How Do You Start a Gas Fireplace

One of the most convenient types of fireplace ideal today is the one that uses gas. With this fireplace, homeowners need not burden themselves with buying wood and cleaning up the ashes after use. They can even free themselves from foul smelling smoke.

A gas fireplace is a simple and easy to use unit that requires little maintenance. It is one way to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a great fire that can be compared to one produced by wood. If a yellow-orange flame is not what you wish, you can choose a unit that creates a blue and hotter flame.

There are two options available if you choose to have a gas fireplace. You can opt for the vented gas logs or the unvented type. For the units, there are various designs you can also choose from such as the stove type, gas logs or those that can be mounted on the wall.

Vented gas logs. The gas logs are normally vented to allow the harmful gases produced during the burning process to go out of the house. These are ideal for fireplaces with chimneys although they can still be used in homes with no usable chimney. But be careful not to use the gas logs in a fireplace originally meant for wood burning as it can be dangerous.

For homes with no chimney, venting is still possible through the installation of a special pipe. Another safe option is direct venting which entails the use of two layers of pipe. The pipe should run through a hole in the wall just behind the fireplace or slightly above the unit. Vent free gas logs. These unvented gas logs are capable of producing very hot flame but with low levels of carbon emissions and soot. They have an oxygen depletion sensor that turns off gas even before carbon monoxide levels in the room reaches a hazardous level. These fixtures need to be housed in a masonry type of fireplace or in a special firebox that is similar to a hearth.

Extra care should be taken when using this unit as they create great heat. Fireplace doors should remain open during use and combustible materials should be kept away from the area.

Using a gas fireplace is easy. To start it, you just need to insert the key to the hole and turn it to the right. The key is usually connected to a valve in the wall that controls the gas.

In lighting your fire, make sure to use a long fireplace lighter. Ensure that the lighter faces towards the underside of the logs near the hole that releases the gas.

You can adjust the amount of gas during use. To do this, just turn the key further to the right if you want higher flames and adjust it again to the left for lower heat.

To turn off the unit, you just turn the key to the left and then remove the key from the hole. Always make it a point to place the key on top of the fireplace mantle or any place out of children’s reach and yet still visible.