Kiva Fireplaces

Kiva Fireplaces

Kiva Fireplaces Create Unique Ambience

Homeowners are not all the same. They differ in their preferences for homes and interior design. When it comes to the home’s interior, not all share the same liking for fireplaces. While some go for the traditional fireplace designs with straight lines, the others prefer the extraordinary style.

For those who go for the non-traditional, the Kiva fireplaces are highly recommended. This type of fireplace is known as the beehive because it simulates the appearance of the bee’s home. It is patterned after the architecture style of the Pueblo Indians who considers the circular design spiritually important. Unlike the traditional square opening, the Kiva fireplace has an arched firebox door. Specifically, this fireplace is a famous trademark of homes in the Southwestern part of the U.S.

The word Kiva actually refers to an underground chamber used by the Pueblo Indians in the Southwest as a place where they hold men’s rituals and ceremonies, casual gatherings and political meetings. The round design of the Kiva is reminiscent of the pit houses of the descendants of this Indian tribe.

A Kiva fireplace is very flexible as it can be installed indoor or outdoor, in the corner or centered on the wall. Commonly, though, it is installed as a corner fireplace. And since it comes in various sizes, it can be placed in any room in the house whether in the bedroom or living room. The mini Kiva fireplace is perfect for the bedroom or any small area in the house including the basement.

Originally, the Kiva fireplaces were built using the adobe material also utilized in constructing homes. In the past, installation of this type of fireplace required a mason and a solid foundation due to the heavy weight of the structure. The traditional Kiva fireplace if constructed with the use of a metal mesh lath façade covered with plaster. Homeowners today, however, need not worry so much about the weight as lightweight Kiva fireplaces are available that can even be installed on a wooden home as well as on the second floor of the house. Affordable Kiva fireplace kits can also be purchased.

The Kiva fireplace has two openings -- the firebox door and the other one on top for the flue. This is considered a very energy efficient structure especially if it’s made from adobe bricks. Adobe is very effective in absorbing heat and radiating it to the room. This beehive fireplace also adds beauty to any outdoor patio or garden. With an extended bench or banco on just one side or even on both sides, this structure serves as a great place to relax and unwind in the late afternoon or evening after a busy day at work. It can be placed under a roof or sheltered ramada or it can be an open air fireplace.

For homeowners who’d like to use the structure as a place to display some accessories or artworks, they can have one or more nichos built above the firebox door. This nicho will serve as the shelf cut out of an adobe wall. Atop this, more niches can be created according to the homeowner’s preference.

What makes this Kiva fireplace great is that it can be painted with any color to suit your interior’s color theme. Whether it’s plain white, brown, beige or olive green, it will look absolutely stunning.