Natural Stone Fireplace Design

Natural Stone Fireplace Design Creates Classic Look

A fireplace makes for a cozy area in the home where family members can gather together. Whether sharing food, stories or just savoring quiet time, people can experience a memorable moment at the fireplace.

The natural stone fireplace is the most popular type that dates back to the ancient times. This makes use of the different stone materials which are sturdy and durable they can make your fireplace last a lifetime.

Whether placed indoor or outdoor, the biggest advantage of natural stone is its durability and low maintenance requirement. When built in the backyard or patio, it can withstand all kinds of weather without getting damaged. And unlike cast or cultured stones, the great thing about natural stone is that when it gets broken or chipped, it reveals more of its inner beauty.

Timeless beauty is what natural stones evoke. This type of fireplace is great for spacious homes that want to achieve a uniquely classic appeal. Many designers go for natural stones whether for building new homes or remodeling existing ones. They believe that constructing a stone fireplace is the best investment any homeowner can make. While it may be expensive and hard to build a fireplace using the heavy natural stones, it’s all worth it because you can be sure that it will last for a long time.

Natural stones come in a variety of shapes and types. These include the limestone, marble, slate, travertine and granite. They can be used alone all throughout the fireplace or combined with wood. You can choose to use all large-sized stones or mix the large and medium size ones. Each of the natural stone types has its own advantage over the other. It all depends on the style you want and the budget you have.


Limestone’s neutral color is its big edge. This makes it perfect for any interior design as it can complement any color theme. Limestone exudes a simple and clean yet elegant look.


Marble has been used in construction projects way back to the ancient Roman and Greek period. It was used in building palaces and courtyards during the ancient civilization and this is the reason why marble is closely associated with royalty and elegance.


A granite fireplace is not only durable but needs no maintenance at all. With its smooth surface, perhaps all it needs is a little wiping to get rid of dust every now and then.


Travertine is made from and is as durable as natural stone. This construction material dates back to the ancient period. In fact, it was used in building the famous Roman Coliseum. It makes an attractive option for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

Stone veneer

If you don’t have a big budget but want to have a natural stone fireplace in your home, you can opt for the thin veneer. Thin stone veneer is made with real stones and are different from the cultured stones. Just like the heavier natural stones, they are also fire resistant and won’t easily chip or fade. You can use them on top of bricks or fire stones and nobody will notice that it’s actually the thin stone veneer they’re seeing instead of the thicker and heavier natural stones.