Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design

Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design Ideal for Your Home

Fireplaces are not only meant for home and indoor use. They can be used outdoors as well for aesthetic, recreation and heating purposes. The truth is outdoor fireplaces can provide your family and friends a warm evening experience you will surely treasure. Outdoor fireplaces are similar to those built indoors except that they do not use dampers. They also have tall chimneys to keep smoke away from people.

If you’re planning to build an outdoor fireplace, first consider some important factors such as of course your purpose, budget, design, size, height and material. Budget is a primary consideration because building an outdoor fireplace can be expensive.

If you have kids, a durable and child-safe design is ideal. Keep in mind that safety of your children should be a priority. However, if you have no kids, a classic or contemporary design will be best. Be sure, though, to determine the space you have available outside before choosing a design. Better yet, consult a professional for suggestions and design ideas.

A stone fireplace is one of the most common types ideal for both indoors and outdoors. It exudes a classic look but with a great design concept can also create a country or contemporary look. For many people, a stone fireplace creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. And its biggest advantage is safety being the safest material available to build a fireplace with.

For outdoor use, this is perfect mainly because stones can stand all types of weather. In other words, they are built to last a lifetime. Another benefit is that an outdoor stone fireplace needs less maintenance. You only need to water seal it every few years. An outdoor fireplace made from stone can accentuate your backyard garden or patio. Stone materials come in different types ranging from the natural stones to marble, limestone and granite.

Natural stones are the most widely used when it comes to outdoor fireplace design. You have a choice to use just purely the large stones or mix the large and small stones or stones combined with wood. You can also choose to just use the stones in certain areas of your fireplace. Cultured or cast stone is another alternative. By cultured, it means man-made. Its main difference from the natural stone is that it’s lighter. Additionally, cultures stones can be made in different shapes and sizes and are easy to use and set in place.

Limestone is another stone material available to homeowners. With its neutral shade, limestone provides a simple and vintage look. Marble is a natural stone that can also be used in making outdoor fireplaces. It has unique designs and a wide range of colors giving you a lot of flexibility. The only downside is its high cost compared to the other stone materials.

Granite is yet another option and is easy to clean as well as durable. The best part about granite is that it requires no maintenance. Design ideas for outdoor fireplaces are plenty on the internet. You may also browse through magazines on home decorating and outdoor living or you can consult architects for professional advice.