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Lower your Heating Bills with a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

As homeowners who worry about life’s uncertainties, many of us want to have lower electricity bills as much as possible. We search for ways to reduce power costs if only to lessen our monthly home expenses. But while we learn tips and tricks in the proper use of appliances, we still yearn for more easy to apply methods.

Having a wood burning fireplace in your home is good enough to provide extra heat during cold weather. But then, you still need one important part to make it more energy efficient.

One effective way to lower electricity costs is to use a wood burning fireplace insert. This is necessary because as it is, a wood burning fireplace takes quite some time to provide people’s much needed heat. The wood when left on its own to burn can take some time to heat up which obviously is not what most of us want. But with this additional component, you are then assured of a highly efficient and eco-friendly fireplace that can heat up your home faster during the cold months. What all this means is comfort to every member of the family.

A wood burning fireplace insert is similar in technology to a stove that utilizes wood and normally features a firebox with a door, a blower and faceplate. The function of the blower is to hasten the burning of wood in order to create heat at a faster pace. In addition, it also helps in the circulation of the heat in the house. This translates then to less wood to use and longer burning times. Depending on the brand you choose, the blower is mounted either on the sides of the fireplace insert or inside the front.

There are various styles and designs of insert available today that can fit your wood burning fireplace. They range from the traditional to the contemporary. Depending on your personal choice, just make sure that what you get is certified by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). This is to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.

Most of these fireplace inserts are made from cast iron or plate steel. These materials are ideal as they reduce emissions during wood burning. Front doors are also a major part of these inserts usually made from glass to allow people to see the fire inside the box. And just so you know, these glass doors are maintenance free because they are self-cleaning parts and don’t easily break even when high heat is achieved.

When choosing your insert, take into consideration first several important factors. These include the type of your wood burning fireplace, its age, surrounding materials and hearth. Its proper measurements will also have to be taken in order for you to find the perfect fit for your fireplace. If this is an issue, you may want to ask for assistance from a professional knowledgeable about fireplace constructions.

Learning more about the wood burning fireplace insert and the proper ways to install it will help you achieve your goal of lowering your electricity costs.